Maryland, also called as “America in miniature” as it embraces basically every landscape in the United States, from cities to mountains, ocean to land, has a lot things to offer to their first time visitors. Seeing Maryland is a life experience. If you will mostly be in Baltimore, with approximately 300 years of history, this city offers days of family fun, as well as romantic evenings to make your vacation unforgettable. We cover here a little intro in what to do, but specially what to try in terms of gastronomy if you are visiting Maryland and Baltimore for the first time.

What to do if staying in Baltimore

Baltimore takes pride in its African-American beginnings, and this appears in the numerous African-American museums as well as monuments in the city.

Other enjoyable to do as a family is to go to the national aquarium, where you can observe more than 17 thousand animals including sharks, sea turtles as well as dolphins, or if you choose the Maryland Zoo where you can do an incredible African safari, or an expedition via the Arctic and observe polar bears as well as penguins. The Maryland Science Center, where you can see life-size dinosaurs, is one more choice that you need to not forget throughout your stay.

What to eat in the Maryland state

Maryland is recognized for its excellent cuisine, especially for their crab as well as crab cakes. Nevertheless, there are several other popular dishes throughout the state that you can’t miss. From deserts and also snacks to chicken and beer below we summarize it for you the most preferred food specialities in the state.

  • We begin the list with Thrasher’s french fries a treat you’ll see on the beaches of Sea City, as beachgoers snack on containers of tasty french fries on bright days. Either experienced it with salt or apple cider vinegar
  • Let’s dive in directly into the beer topic: National Bohemian beer, or more commonly called “Natty Boh” is by far one of the most popular beers in Maryland. The beer was initially brewed in Baltimore, as well as lots of Marylanders cherish the locally made beer as a classic beverage for any event.
  • Formally declared as the state’s main dessert, one more popular treat in Maryland is the Smith Island Cake, made with multiple layers of yellow butter cake as well as delicious chocolate fudge icing in between.
  • Baltimore is known as the residence of the Berger cookie, a beloved dessert coated in thick delicious chocolate icing.
  • Pit Beef: this Maryland development includes roast seasoned with salt as well as grilled outside until crunchy, staying unusual on the inside. The sandwich is usually offered with horseradish and also onion on a roll and is a lunch favored throughout the state